Antipsychotics: firmly on the wall of shame for quackery and woo.

Quackery and woo are among the favourite insults directed at anyone who practices most forms of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) – and especially those who use of homeopathy, herbs or vitamins – by staunch and vocal supporters of evidence based medicine.  However a feature in the Daily Mail today describes a class of drugs […]

Why hounding homeopaths is both batty and arrogant.

There is no shortage of villains in the world. Psychopaths – domestic and national – whalers, toxic waste dumpers, global eavesdroppers, billionaire tax avoiders and their army of accountants –  all well worth campaigning against with the aim of getting them banged up or forced to cough up. There is also an infinite supply of […]

Whose job is it to get medics to follow the evidence?

One of the reasons for gathering evidence in trials is to use it to better treat patients. But what happens if doctors know what should be done in theory but then don’t or can’t do it? This is a far from a theoretical issue for kids diagnosed as ADHD  on Ritalin  or someone getting one […]