Prescription drugs: ineffective and possibly dangerous

Apologies for the hysterical headline but it’s just the kind of irresponsible, ill-informed screamer that regularly heads stories about some new study that “proves” that vitamins are ineffective generators of expensive urine and may well be dangerous.  If you want to know why such studies are all too often based on poor science and frequently […]

How do you know if the drug you’re on works? You don’t

One of the comforting myths about the powerful drugs used in modern medicine is that they are prescribed on the basis of good scientific evidence. However this is an illusion, which experts have known about for decades, because drug companies can prevent doctors and regulators from seeing unfavourable evidence. If you are being prescribed a […]

Tamiflu: evidence-free yet we spent millions on it

Following up on the article in the Mail today about Pharmageddon – a book that  details the way companies hide inconvenient data to the detriment of patients – I was struck by how the Tamiflu saga was a perfect example of what the author Professor David Healy was talking about. It also raises the issue of […]