Drugs: just say no. The hidden dangers

Blowing you own trumpet is briefly satisfying, like another solitary activity, but not very cool. However I’ve decided to succumb to the urge as its now six months since “10 Secrets of Health Ageing” was published and in a couple of weeks (Sunday 16th of November I’m going to be talking about it at the […]

Antibiotics make you fat

The eye-catching title of my article for the Daily Mail today on why frequent courses of antibiotics may not be such a good idea, highlights a new and emerging set of problem with these drugs. It’s not just weight gain that becomes more likely. There’s an increase in the risk of auto-immune disorders as well […]

Yellow Card: parcelling up risk

This was the first posting on on this blog, all the earlier ones are articles.  Following up on my feature in the Mail today  around Professor Gotzsche’s excellent new book about why it is a really bad idea to have a mammogram I’ve been picking up a lot of material around the issue of evidence […]