Could cutting carbs boost cancer treatment?

Could you improve your cancer treatment by following a very low carbohydrate diet? Do statin studies really show they are more likely to harm than help you, if you haven’t already had a heart attack? These are just two of the questions raised by two articles in a new blog I’ve helped to create, which has just […]

Drugs: just say no. The hidden dangers

Blowing you own trumpet is briefly satisfying, like another solitary activity, but not very cool. However I’ve decided to succumb to the urge as its now six months since “10 Secrets of Health Ageing” was published and in a couple of weeks (Sunday 16th of November I’m going to be talking about it at the […]

Yet more reasons to get sweaty

Even the most determined couch potato no longer has an excuse. It is possible to get the recommended amount of exercise you need to fend off chronic diseases simply by walking around the sofa during the ad breaks. This remarkable tip for improving the nation’s health comes from the August 25th edition of the New […]

Who made us fat? Brilliant documentary

The Men Who Made Us Fat , a brilliant BBC 2 documentary that went out last night, should be forcibly played to dieticians and other experts who for decades have urged the low fat diet as the solution to weight loss and heart protection, not to mention being comfortable with a hefty intake of sugar as […]

Event (Closed): 3 May 2012; Participant at Healthy Ageing Conference

College of MedicineConferenceHealthy Ageing: Radical New SolutionsThursday 3 May 2012 At Royal College of Obstetricians and  Gynaecologists27 Sussex Place, London NW1 4RG 09.00 to 17.15 Closed to the public

Book: “The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing” by Jerome Burne and Patrick Holford

The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

Book details: Format: Paperback, 432pp Published by: Piatkus Publication Date: 5 April 2012 Language: English ISBN-10: 0749956542 ISBN-13: 978-0749956547 Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.2 x 3.4 cm RRP: £14.99 Buy it here • Extracts • Reviews & Testimonials A mere twenty or thirty years ago we knew what a granny or a pensioner looked like – wrinkly, white […]