Put patients on drug company boards

Your risk of developing Alzheimer’s could be increased by having high levels of glucose and insulin in your blood – one of the results of a diet high in sugar and refined carbs that’s linked with insulin – see my feature in the Daily Mail on Tuesday.  But how likely is that to be the subject of […]

Drugs: just say no. The hidden dangers

Blowing you own trumpet is briefly satisfying, like another solitary activity, but not very cool. However I’ve decided to succumb to the urge as its now six months since “10 Secrets of Health Ageing” was published and in a couple of weeks (Sunday 16th of November I’m going to be talking about it at the […]

Yet more reasons to get sweaty

Even the most determined couch potato no longer has an excuse. It is possible to get the recommended amount of exercise you need to fend off chronic diseases simply by walking around the sofa during the ad breaks. This remarkable tip for improving the nation’s health comes from the August 25th edition of the New […]

Easier ways to stay slim and healthy

The Horizon program I blogged about yesterday explored some cutting edge ideas about what really makes us fat – the big surprise was that a major player is one of the genes that controls insulin. It also tested a radical new idea that fasting could be an effective way of turning off that gene. Both […]

How to get slim and healthy and stay that way

OK the title is a bit of a come-on but this week’s BBC2 investigation into the benefits of fasting by the Horizon team, actually entitled “Eat, fast and live longer “, did become very enthusiastic towards the end. Understandably. It wouldn’t be over-egging it too much to say that if you were looking for a single thing that […]

10 Secrets – another view

Another view on my book with Patrick Holford “The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing” Monty Python’s brilliant ‘Life of Brian’ memorably ended with a row crucified Galileans singing “Always look on the bright side of life”. Being upbeat about getting old seems only marginally less absurd. Literary giants have given it pretty uniformly bad press, […]

The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

The big myth about getting old is that there’s nothing good about it. The future is frailer, weaker sicker. It’s downhill all the way. In fact you have choices. The first Baby Boomers hit 65 last year – a Silver Tsunami that is going to keep on coming. Bad for pension providers but great for […]

Book: “The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing” by Jerome Burne and Patrick Holford

The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

Book details: Format: Paperback, 432pp Published by: Piatkus Publication Date: 5 April 2012 Language: English ISBN-10: 0749956542 ISBN-13: 978-0749956547 Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.2 x 3.4 cm RRP: £14.99 Buy it here • Extracts • Reviews & Testimonials A mere twenty or thirty years ago we knew what a granny or a pensioner looked like – wrinkly, white […]