Sex, no Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

All you need to remember to age well

For more details see The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing’ 

Sex: Staying a reasonable weight, plenty of sunshine for vitamin D and a diet that is lower in carbs will keep your keep both energy and libido up. One of the keys is having a low glycemic load (GL) diet. Having protein with carbohydrate is key. For example, an apple on it’s own is far less satisfying than an apple and a few nuts. Scrambled eggs on toast will keep you feeling fuller for longer than toast and jam. Choosing a low GL bread such as rye sourdough is even better.

No Drugs: The older you get the more prescription drugs you’ll offered. Here in Britain we have a five a day policy – most people, by 65, are on five different drugs.  One for cholesterol, one for blood pressure, one for blood sugar, one for indigestion, one for the bones and so on. The irony is that most of these drugs knock out the very nutrients needed to stay young.  Statins, for example, knock out a key antioxidant while the diabetes drug metformin and antacid drugs called PPIs knock out B12.

Rock ‘n Roll: Keep moving – walking, dancing and other forms of exercise. Keep your friends around you, stay passionate and relaxed. Exercise is the closest thing there is to an anti-ageing pill. Keeping positive, doing things you enjoy, learning new things and having a good social life and relationships also adds years to life.

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