Diet wars: what is the best way to reverse diabetes?

Arguments over diet all  boil down to single question: what’s the best way to eat if you want to stay a healthy weight and lower your risk of various chronic disorders? That’s what is fueling the long running diet war between an embattled low-fat establishment – see latest attack on low fat dogma by top American cardiologist – and the low carb/high fat rebels.

This long running war of words backed up by salvoes of scientific references can get pretty confusing for civilians who often have to make important life-style decisions based on the way they interpret the endless skirmishes.

That’s why HealthInsightUK has published a new post by low carb expert Hanna Sutter about the decision by Diabetes UK  to give £2.5million (the largest research grant ever made by the charity) to fund a 5-year study into the possibility of reversing type 2 diabetes with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) . A diet based on calorie counting.

Hanna thinks it is a really bad idea and makes a strong case for why eating low carbs makes a lot more sense. Find out why .


  1. Type II Adult onset Diabetes is another conspiracy by the Big Pharma. Dr. Neal Bernard(just google it) has proven in university grade studies, that adult onset diabetes is nothing more than too much fat in the diet. Ever see a skinny adult diabetic? Glucose/ insulin tolerances show these patients to already have an excess of insulin. So why give them more. I sat thru a one hour lecture by a diabetic guru from the U of Miami, Fl. on how to approch a newly diagnosed Type II diabetic. He utilized daily diaries, 4 types of insulin and stated that in 3 yrs this patient could have a normal HgbA2. Dr. Neal Bernard states that in his studies , eliminating all fats and oils, the patient will have a normal fasting blood sugar in one month and the HgbA2 will follow shortly. i personally am disgusted with diabetic patients. They are codependent personalities . They want someone else to fix it for them. I know of a college professor who sought out a diabetic specialist to help with his diabetes. He was not following the advice of his local MD. I told his wife the best thing to do was hit him in the head with a large stick. If he is not compliant with instructions, why bother another doctor and ignore his advise also.
    95% of all our medical diseases today are lifestyle induced.

  2. paulhirsh says:

    As I just said to David Freud, avoiding beige or white foods (carbs) in the evening worked for me. I think type 2 diabetes is best described as a process where the body just gets inured to high sugar levels. If you can reduce them for at least part of the diurnal cycle you can get the body working again. What worked for me may not work for everyone. Giving up tea and other diuretics also sent my rheumatism packing! If all else fails, changing your life partner may be the only solution.

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