Jerome Burne

I’ve been a health journalist for twenty years and written for most of the national newspapers and a variety of magazines. Before that I edited a massive tome called Chronicle of the World and before that I was co-editor of Time Out in the mid-1980’s.

In recent years I written mainly for the Daily Mail. I’ve also contributed regularly to Reader’s Digest and occasionally to the Times Literary Supplement.

This year (2012) I won the  award in the category Medical Science Explained from the Medical Journalist’s Association. I was also runner up in the category Best National Newspaper Feature 

I’m married, have five children and live in London. I’m pretty healthy, swim regularly and find my work endlessly fascinating.


  1. Mr Burne,
    Thank you for your recent article on myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). I hope that you will be able to continue investigating the sordid political history of this disease and the barbaric treatment of patients, especially young people and their parents who face severe sanctions if they refuse the official “treatments” of exercise and therapy.

    There is a huge story here of a criminal conspiracy involving disability insurers, US and UK government agencies, and the “Wessely School” of psychiatrists. Eventually there will be civil lawsuits, though probably not criminal investigations, since Regius Professor Sir Simon Wessely and associates enjoy the protection of some very powerful people.

    Your work is chipping away at that protection, and for that 17 million patients worldwide thank you.

  2. Dr Renée Hoenderkamp says:

    Jerome. I am a GP in London. I take T3 and T4 and it transformed me. I have shocking photos of the before and after me! I have written to NHSE and my MP. The simple fact is this drug is £15-20/month all over Europe and was that price here. Now it’s £268/month here because it’s another example of the NHS being ripped off by pharma. It’s nothing to do with the cost of manufacturing. It is still available across Europe at the lower price. I would live to speak to you about this. Regards Dr Renée Hoenderkamp

    • Presume you’ve seen my piece in D mail about this today. I have even worse figure on price rise. I’m aware it is due to totally unjustified rises over several years. Stuff about being due to more complicated manufacturing comes from MHRA.
      Have you been in touch with TUK who would be delighted go have another doctor on board. Presumably you can prescribe yourself T3. What a ridiculous bureaucratic mess.

      • Dr Renée Hoenderkamp says:

        Hiya. I did indeed. I can’t prescribe for myself. My Gp currently does so but it’s a battle and if they take it off the list totally I will have to buy in Europe which is shocking. At least I can, think of those who can’t! I haven’t spoken to anyone at TUK. Anyone in particular. Feel very passionate about this. I lost my thyroid I cancer so I have no activity of my own at all. Do some media writing and a BBc Gp show so have some opportunity to highlight. Did ou know it is currently part of NHSE look at OTC meds with a view to stop GP’s prescribing OTC meds or those without evidence. In the paper they say “there is evidence of efficacy but there are cheaper alternatives”. Not on the list: paracetamol (170 OTC), suncream, ibuprofen and so on.

        • I have often said that doctors should study economics at an early age. You had better write this down: An estimate is an Opinion, price is a Policy and cost is an Experience.

          • It’s not doctors lack of a grip on economics that is the problem it is that large corporations have a very firm grip on economics and use it to direct areas to be be researched and content of the guidelines that those poor doctors. lacking training not only in economics but more importantly in nutrition, have then to follow on pain of financial penalties or worse

            • Anonymous says:

              Jerome: We were two monads wafting in the breeze o’er Bonny Doone. You have proven your case: Fifteen years ago a GP might have said, “Aspirin Derivative” and would now ask “Have you bought new shoes recently?”

              • Anon – you clearly do not hang out with GPs – They would never ask that about shoes. And as for monads the whole point about them, if i remember correctly, is that they were windowless and could not communicate with any one let alone have a case to prove. Were a GP to view your email he might well reach for the heavy tranquilisers

                • Quotes are real. You may take my word. I grew up in a military hospital, spare ward, my own bed and Christmas dinner every day. My first job, waiting on exam results, was in Oldchurch General, Romford. “Focus the bloody lights Man!” And I focused the bloody lights, procedure under the sternum open laperotomy.

                  I eventually did my training in Sunbury, Missile Defense Electronics, during the cold war, y’know saving the lives of millions rather than the life of person: CHD. Compulsive Hero Disorder.

                  As for your “those poor doctors”, I learned in RCA that people are responsible for their actions. Why do medics keep people waiting?

  3. Fabienne De Backer says:

    Is there a way that you can make more public the dangers of all these vaccinations that babies receive? Have you seen the documentary “Vaxxed”? Too many young parents are NOT aware of all the dangers they put their babies and themselves at risk. Something MUST be done very very soon before many more kids become autistic, compliments of traditional medicine, untested medications and the power of the pharmaceutical companies. Thank you for what you are doing.

    • I have written about it here
      For more detail on the film itself see another post on the site here:

      If you are following this story you will find this site – Alliance for Natural Health – a useful and informed scource

      • There is an area I would like to see questioned. I presume you know that in the last year or so it has been discovered there is a powerful (lymphatic) connection between the immune system and the brain, which science-medicine previously believed did not exist and perhaps could not exist.

        In light of this discovery the experts have said, ‘textbooks will need to be rewritten’ but no-one mentions vaccine textbooks.

        Surely if vaccine theory and methodology was invented in a time when this link was unknown and perhaps even considered impossible, now that it is known, vaccination schedules should be reduced to the absolute minimum while the link is thoroughly explored.

        You cannot research something you do not know exists and with Autism and Behavioural and Learning Difficulties in children at epidemic levels, and shocking rises in Brain Cancer in children and the young, along with epidemics of Dementia and Alzheimer’s in the aged, the young and old being the two most vulnerable groups, surely it is time someone called a halt until the impact of vaccines on the brain, and there must be some impact, is exhaustively studied?

        • Be interesting to know more about this connection. Makes sense that could be a way vaccination affected the brain. Do you have any idea who is researching et, what is known about it so far etc

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jerome , im starting a tv program and I was wondering if we can use some research material you have gained about health matters . Daniel

  5. Daniel pecina says:

    Good evening jerome my name is Daniel pecina from Australia and I’ve read and watched on most recently “food matters” I respect your work . Why I am contacting you is I’m trying to get a local tv show started here In Australia , it will be about health and nutriention . Eating raw foods etc. in fact in my own research I find most people either don’t care or don’t believe the facts I present . If u are interested in helping my new health show in anyways I would love to hear from you . People
    Like yourselves have given me hope that we
    Might get a healthier lifestyle soon . Much respect Daniel . I do realise that you are in London though with technology I’m sure we can find away . Thank you for your time

    • just seen this and your other email. Let me know more about what you are thinking of. Have you seen the two programs on statins by Dr Maryanne Demasi for one of your TV channels – that has a couple of good nutritionists on it.
      As it happens I am going to be in Australia for the first three weeks of April – be in Melbourne mostly but also in Sydney

  6. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if
    it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Oh I agree that:: “..your integrity and open mindedness”. Whenever I look up anything medical I add ‘Jerome’ and I owe him a lot. A bit earnestly serious from time to time and one might say “a high tolerance of ambiguity with high integrity”.

  8. I only wish we had someone on this side of the ocean with your integrity and open mindedness. Particularly since we are barraged with drivel from the pharmaceutical companies using every venue.
    Carry on sir! Fred

    • Thanks for your kind words. You do have quite a few people who are critical of relying on drugs to treat everything. Dr Mercola, for one, is rather hyper for English tastes and is always warning about the likes of seven deadly things in your fridge, but he digs up a lot of good material and is worth following

    • Try Doc. Malerba as well.


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