The bogus science behind the low fat diabetes diet

Anyone who knows anything about diet and nutrition will have sometimes wondered: why are people with diabetes, who have a problem with blood sugar, put on a high carbohydrate diet which raises blood sugar? Then you think ,there must be something I’ve missed. All those trained  dieticians and diabetes experts, surely they can’t have overlooked something so elementary?

The remarkable fact is they have and the sooner they do a sharp U-turn and put patients on a low carbohydrate high fat diet the better.Their current advice has nothing to do with evidence based medicine.  

That is the radical conclusion of professor of biochemistry Richard Feinman of the State University of New York.. He’s the lead author of a new paper setting out 12 reasons why the low carb diet should be the standard treatment for people with diabetes. For an easy to follow summary – the original is aimed at professionals – see the other site I edit HealthInsightUK 

The site also carries a Q&A with Professor Feinman who talks about how biochemistry gave him a clear understanding of the damage high glucose and high insulin can cause and his amazement at the poor science supporting the dogma that the best way to treat diabetics was by putting them on a diet that raised glucose and insulin.

Professor Feinman throws down the  gauntlet to diabetes charities and standard NHS practice – either explain why the twelve points are wrong or make a major change in the advice you are giving patients. It needs to be decided soon  because if  he’s right patients are being harmed rather than helped on a daily basis.


  1. Jennifer Symonds says:

    Prevention being 100% better than cure, I am already doing a low carb. dietary regime, have been doing so for about 8 yrs. & feel a whole lot healthier as a result, so there you go

  2. You are once again highlighting an extremely important issue Jerome – Thank you!

  3. The ever-growing list of just how much science/medicine gets wrong begins to make a visit to the doctor the most dangerous thing you can do unless you are in a life or death circumstance.

  4. John Mason says:

    A look at Richard’s co authors just shows how respectable and unbiased this study is. With no vested interests. Plus, it just makes sense.

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