How to get slim and healthy and stay that way

OK the title is a bit of a come-on but this week’s BBC2 investigation into the benefits of fasting by the Horizon team, actually entitled “Eat, fast and live longer “, did become very enthusiastic towards the end. Understandably. It wouldn’t be over-egging it too much to say that if you were looking for a single thing that […]

If this helps Alzheimer’s it will be ignored

What’s the best way to cut your risk of developing Alzheimer’s? One bit of advice you see regularly is to keep your  mind active – do things like crosswords and so on. But here’s a new way that raises a lot of interesting questions about the current narrow focus of Alzheimer’s research.  A new study has […]

Lifestyle alters ageing marker

Telomeres are the exciting new kids on the ageing block. We all have them and they play a crucial role in protecting our DNA when cells divide. They are linked with ageing because the older you get the shorter your telomeres become. So one big question about ageing is: If I keep my telomeres from getting too […]

How drugs can mess with your vitamins

You’ve probably seen warnings that herbs or supplements of one sort or another might interfere with any drugs that you are taking so you should always tell your doctor about them. Sound advice. What you are less likely to know about is that some of the drugs you are taking can reduce the production or […]

10 Secrets – another view

Another view on my book with Patrick Holford “The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing” Monty Python’s brilliant ‘Life of Brian’ memorably ended with a row crucified Galileans singing “Always look on the bright side of life”. Being upbeat about getting old seems only marginally less absurd. Literary giants have given it pretty uniformly bad press, […]

Sex, no Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

All you need to remember to age well For more details see The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing’  Sex: Staying a reasonable weight, plenty of sunshine for vitamin D and a diet that is lower in carbs will keep your keep both energy and libido up. One of the keys is having a low glycemic […]

Five myths about ageing

1)It’s your genes that decide the diseases you’re going to get. The truth is that even genes that raise your risk aren’t a done deal. Some of the genes that push up you risk of various diseases can be changed. And not with high-tech wizardry. You can do genetic engineering on your kitchen table. 2) […]

The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

The big myth about getting old is that there’s nothing good about it. The future is frailer, weaker sicker. It’s downhill all the way. In fact you have choices. The first Baby Boomers hit 65 last year – a Silver Tsunami that is going to keep on coming. Bad for pension providers but great for […]

Alzheimer’s Funding boost 2

The second alarming event (the first was here) concerns an announcement that never happened. Two years ago a high quality randomised trial showed that taking high doses of B vitamins significantly reduced brain shrinkage in patients who were beginning to have problems with memory and general thinking. Given that Alzheimer’s is such a huge problem and […]

Alzheimer’s funding boost 1

The announcement last month (March 25th) the Alzheimer’s funding was to be doubled by 2015 is to be welcomed. But what is the money going to be spent on? Two separate developments don’t inspire confidence that it will always be the most safe and effective treatments. The first concerns the latest developments with the drug […]